Equal parts inspired by and distracted by beauty. Corinne was always the kid staring out the window watching the birds build a nest and creating imaginary worlds with crayons and fantastical stories.  As an adult Corinne still loves finding beauty in nature and nothing gets her more excited than sharing it with others.  
Corinne gets goosebumps when she sees something pretty and nothing gives her a bigger thrill than letting others see beauty too.  She creates  fabric designs from a place of love. She wants her customers to feel a little flutter of excitement when her fabric calls from the quilt shop shelves. 

Meet Corinne

Frances Barber is Corinne's grandmother and the inspiration behind Frannie B Quilt Company.  Frances studied textile design at college in the 1940s.  While she never used her degree in the professional sense she was an expert seamstress and quilter. Frances' home was not only beautifully styled, it was comfortable and full of love.  Corinne wishes everyone would have enjoyed one of her Grandma's famous hugs and shared a hot meal at her welcoming table.  While Frances has moved on to the other side Corinne tries to communicate the beauty and love she learned from her grandmother in the fabric and quilts she designs for you.

Meet Frannie B

It started with a baby. 

My plans for grad school didn't matter anymore. The instant I saw my baby I simultaneously knew two things.  I was hopelessly in love and I didn't really want to be a doctor.  I wanted to create beauty in the world and show my brand new baby it was okay to be brave enough to choose what I really wanted.

I was always an artist deep down.  I took all the hard science classes so I could prove that I could but all I really wanted to do was to make things. When I create beautiful things I feel something deep inside my soul.  It is a wordless, indescribable connection with something bigger than myself.   When I create I feel calm, real and whole.  Watching my children find and nurture their creativity and meaning gives me the greatest joy.   

I want to share my passion for creativity with you. I want to make it easy for you.  I want to share tools and education that allow you to tap into your creativity no matter what your day job is.  You can create beauty for your home and loved ones no matter your background or experience.  I want that for you.  

- Corinne

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